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COAST Represents Everyday Luxury that is Guaranteed for Life.

We are so confident in the design and construction of our products that we offer a lifetime waranty against manufacturing defects.

In the case of our outdoor beanbags, Nimbus and cushions we offer a 5-year exterior guarantee.  This means that they cost a little more, but, on the other hand, the longevity of most other outdoor beanbags is measurable only by their half-life in a land-fill.  

Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty

Our Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty covers all COAST products against deterioration or damage attributable to manufacturing defects.  

We define a “manufacturing defect” as any shortcoming or weakness in any product resulting from a departure from its design specifications during production.  For example, an unfinished seam or defective zip slider.

As a general rule, a manufacturing defect will manifest itself almost immediately (i.e. not after 5 years' use).

Exterior Guarantee

Our 5 Year Exterior Guarantee covers all of our Sunbrella beanbags, Sunbrella ottomans and Sunbrella throw cushions against fading and deterioration for 5 years. 

The exterior guarantee applies to the Sunbrella cover only and does not apply to the lining, frame or filling.


All warranties and guarantees cover normal, reasonable use.  The following exclusions apply to all warranties and guarantees: 

Normal Wear and Tear

For example, the normal scuffs, marks, creases, small tears etc that are attributable to normal use over time.

Accidents and Misuse

For example, damage attributable to burns, chemicals, prolonged exposure to hostile conditions, unreasonably rough handling, jumping onto a beanbag from a great height etc.


Any deterioration or damage attributable to a lack of reasonable care and maintenance.  Care instructions can be found here.

Salt Water Damage

Salt water and sea-spray will not usually damage our beanbags.  However, prolonged immersion in salt water may well damage the metallic zip sliders and may ultimately compromise the fabric.  It is essential to rinse off salt water to avoid accelerated deterioration. 

Sunbrella Fabric Waranty

Sunbrella fabrics purchased from Coast New Zealand are covered by Sunbrella's limited warranty.  Details here.

Repairs and Replacements

In the case of any damage or deterioration covered by our exterior guarantee or manufacturer's warranty, we will repair or replace the product free of charge.

In all other cases, we are always happy to assess the damage and quote for repairs or replacement, as the case may be.  Most repairs can be completed quickly and at a very reasonable cost (and in many cases, free of charge).

Warranty Claims Procedure

If you believe that damage or deterioration of a product is covered by our guarantee / warranty, please contact us.

We will need to know:

  • where the product was purchased
  • the approximete date of purchase
  • by whom the product was purchased
  • when and how the damage, defect or deterioration occurred and/or became apparent

In most cases, we will ask you to return the relevant product for inspection and assessment.  If we accept you warranty claim, we will, at our discretion, repair or replace the product, free of charge.

In all other cases, we will contact you with options for repair, replacement or return.